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YOUR Satisfaction is our Guarantee!

 At A16 we take pride in providing our valuable Customers with exceptional products and advice for your adventures. Your product’s performance is important to you and the employee owners of A16. If you are dissatisfied with the performance of a product, please return your purchase promptly for refund or exchange with the original receipt.*

 Exceptions & Limitations
• For safety sake, we do not accept returns on climbing equipment.
• There are no returns or refunds on open software.
• There is a 90-Day limit on electronics, unopened software & footwear fit.
• Normal wear & tear is not covered by the satisfaction guarantee.

*For returns without a receipt, additional restrictions will apply.

 To return an item to one of our Southern California stores, just bring the product back. For questions, call the store where you plan to return the item. See our store locations page for phone numbers.

 If you are mailing in a return, please be advised that you are responsible for the return shipping costs.

Mail returns to:
 Adventure 16
 Attn: Returns
 4620 Alvarado Canyon Road
 San Diego, CA 92120

Other questions about returns?
 Call 619-283-2362 x135

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Hi A16 Tarzana,
Tracy has been very helpful and prepared me thoroughly for my 20,000 mile journey into Mexico to see endangered species' habitats, ancient ruins, ...  volcanos before i follow the Monarch Butterflies and Borrego Pelicans north to Canada. My light which has two five foot extentions that are connected to the main battery and is charged by a USB connector stopped charging after the first week. The connector housing is loose and not accepting a snug fit to charge. I fear  that the warranty will expire before I return from seeing the Tortuga Blanca mother turtles laying eggs on the Yucatan Peninsula in May. Please reply with your return policy under these extended circumstances.
Hunter Brashier, Jr.
hunterbrashier@hotmail.comFacebook: Traders Acumen
5 months ago   •    •  Gallery

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