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    Gear & trip reviews by A16'ers. Get ideas on where to go and what to take!
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    We offer BOOT FITTING, PACK FITTING, gear RENTALS, REPAIR and expert ADVICE on where to go and what to take.
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    From Clothing to Pitons: Check out the gear that makes A16'ers drool!
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    Events & clinics at Adventure 16 stores. Check back often for updates.
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    Your burning questions -- answered!
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    Our favorite true-life tales of travel and adventure.
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    Going Hiking or Camping? Take a look at the lists we have put together for you.
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    Outdoor Classes and Guided Trips
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    Get the low-down on the gear you use.
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    Enjoy the outdoors and get fit. These guidebooks will provide inspiration to get you out more often.


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