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To Get Started
We highlight top destinations in Southern California and beyond. You'll find specific resources, tips and gear to help you get there.
  1. Challenges

    Finish all three of A16's Challenges in the same calendar year and e
    arn special prizes!* 

    Take the Adventure 16 3-Peak Challenge!
    Hike each of the three tallest mountains in SoCal: San Antonio (Mt. Baldy), San Gorgonio, and San Jacinto, the "Three Saints" within one of the following time frames between May 8 - October 15, 2015 to earn some cool prizes: 24 Hours (24 consecutive hours), 3 Days (72 consecutive hours), 3 Weeks (21 consecutive days), 3 Months (90 consecutive days).

    Take the Adventure 16 PCT Challenge!
    Hike any three 16+ mile sections of the Pacific Crest Trail between May 8 - October 15, 2015 to win cool prizes!

    Take A16 SoCal Trifecta Challenge:
    Adventure in the Snow, Desert & Ocean--all in one 24-hour day to earn awesome clothing from Icebreaker! Details for the 2015 Trifecta will be posted in November. Challenge runs: Nov. 20 - March 15.

    *A16 Challenge Triad finishers receive an AMK Ultralight Watertight Medical Kit (a $27 value!) and a $16 Adventure 16 Gift Card!

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    Great places to get outdoors from San Diego to Los Angeles – and everywhere in between!
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    Great places to go in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado.
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    U.S. destinations outside of Southern California and the Southwest.
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    Our favorite destinations around the world.
  6. Check out our growing database of trails across the United States.
  7. There are thousands. Time to start climbing!


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