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Tuesday, January 27 - Friday, January 30 at various Adventure 16 stores
Now is the time to prepare for climbing the highest peak in the contiguous U.S.! Whitney  expert, Dr. Ken Murray, will discuss gear, trip planning and popular routes. In addition, we’ll give you insider tips and walk you through the latest system for booking your permit online.  You won't find a more knowledgeable source of Mt. Whitney all in one place, anywhere! Don't miss it!  FREE


TIME: 6:30 Happy Half-hour, 7pm Mt. Whitney Presentation

A16 Solana Beach Store: Tuesday, January 27
A16 San Diego Store: Wednesday, January 28
A16 Tarzana Store: Thursday, January 29
A16 West LA Store: Friday, January 30

DR. KEN MURRAY, Sierra mountaineer for over 50 years and a volunteer Wilderness Ranger, has lived in California all his life. He has published articles on Altitude Illness in the scientific literature, as well as contributing multiple new routes to Sierra guidebooks. He was the leader of the first ascent party of the west face of Mt. Hopkins, and usually spends several months each year doing trail construction and maintenance. He teaches mountaineering, rock climbing, backpacking…..and sailing.

In his spare time, his hobby is teaching medicine at USC.


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